Thursday, April 20, 2006


I finally bought a new Notebook and Printer! The notebook is an HP Pavilion dv8225nr, and the printer is an HP PSC 1510. Wow, a scanner on the printer. Now, I can load my old photos from circa 1970. I'm now in the process of upgrading my current ISP to High Speed. Plus, I have to transfer all of my documents. I need to download other Microsoft programs, so work and school will be more user friendly. This may take some time, since I'm so freaking busy.

My older (2001) Dell Notebook is having major hardware problems. After I get everything "moved", I'll take Dell in for servicing. The old PC will go to my mother in Indiana. She's been wanting better access to the world, and now she will have it. She was involved in a semi-truck/car accident approximately two years ago. It wasn't pretty. She lost all short-term memory. Hopefully, having to concentrate will be beneficial to her recovery. Only time will tell.