Sunday, December 25, 2005


Hello, Cross Country!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Candy does Cross Country

I had the most incredible time with my new friend, Cross, in St Louis. There's more photos on the BAUT.

Friday, we walked all around downtown to different art galleries. We went to a museum, which was very unusual. There were bars. There were slides. There was a small aircraft. We stopped off at a few watering holes for some Missouri home brews. I should have taken a pen and paper and wrote the names down. I don’t remember what time we got back to the hotel. I know it was really late. My feet were killing me.

Saturday, Cross took me to his school’s observatory. This is when I got a nice look at his big 14 inch! Get your minds out of the gutter. It was a telescope. The sky was too cloudy to view the stars. It was really cold, too. On the drive back to his place, we watched as a man attempted to cut down a tree. Cross took photos, but they didn’t turn out very well. The weather was really crappy.

We decided to not go downtown that night to see the Arch. He promised me he would do this for my next visit. I was still hurting from the night before. We ended up at his apartment where I got to meet Stephanie (his motorcycle). Cross wanted to cook dinner for me. We went to the supermarket and picked up some food and wine. Cross cooked me the sweetest nicest meal I’ve ever had. He made me creamed spinach and pork chops. I felt like a queen in his castle.

Cross and I had some pretty serious conversations on his past, present, and future. We talked about mine, but everything is pretty set in stone for me (work, school, and traveling). For Cross, he has his whole life ahead of him. He is concentrating on finishing his Masters. He will then pursue a Doctorate from MIT. After he finishes school, he’ll probably be ready to settle down with “the luckiest gal in the world”.

I’m really glad things worked out this way. He is good for me, and vice versa. For a younger person, he is very wise. I like having a good influence in my life, too. He makes me want to be a better person. I plan to spend some more time with Cross in the near future. I am proud to have as my good friend.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Lovells of Lake Forest

ToSeek and I went to Lovells of Lake Forest for a classic full service restaurant located in the heart of West Lake Forest. It was fabulous!

"Throughout the French provincial structure, you will find a traditional interior with space artifacts from Captain James Lovell, Jr.

Upon entering the main lobby you are greeted by the mural of the famous "Steeds of Apollo" gifted to Captain Lovell by his friend Tom Hanks. With this beautiful mural as a backdrop, you can enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while awaiting your table. Dining at the bar is always available."

The meal and service was excellent. ToSeek and I later went down to the bar area. I went over to give my thanks to the Chef, only to learn he was the son of Captain James Lovell. Well, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to sit with the charming man. I believe I stuck my foot in my mouth a few times, but "Junior" was so down to earth that I just didn't care.

Thank you both for a great time in this big old Chicago!

Stay tuned for information about returning to school to obtain my Masters and my trip to St Louis (December 2-4).

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chicago TARDIS 2005

ChicagoTARDIS 2005
November 25-27, 2005
Wyndham O'Hare, Chicago, Illinois

The sixth year of the Chicago Doctor Who convention sponsored by Alien Entertainment over the US Thanksgiving weekend. Guests include Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Alan Ruscoe (Slitheen/Auton actor), John Schwab (Bywater in "Dalek"), Siri O'Neal ("UNIT"), Maggie Stables (Evelyn Smythe), artist Chris Achilleos, writer Rob Shearman, and Gary Russell & Jason Haigh-Ellery (Big Finish).

One of my favorite posters from the BAUT is coming to Chicago. ToSeek and I met up last year while he attended the TARDIS 2004. We went for dinner and drinks. It was a great time. I'm hoping to see him again this year. I tried to get some days off around the holiday, but I wasn't very successful. I hope ToSeek doesn't mind staying up late. I'll try to get more photos of the festive encounter. I'll post them to a thread at the BAUT called ToSeek ToChicago. Come and join in on our fun!

Friday, November 11, 2005

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

Here is my latest quest. I bought my ticket today for TAM4. A thread has been started on JREF for those in attendance, as of today. Another thread has been started on the BAUT. TAM4 will now feature the BA and Astronaut Ed Lu!

The meeting will take place from January 26th-29th. I will be staying at the Stardust. I found a roommate who appears to be quite rounded. No smoking will be the theme this coming New Year, too. I will have more details as the date nearers. I'm looking forward to having a great time in Las Vegas. This will be my first time to the wicked city.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Where's my energy?

It's been since October 30th, and I'm still going strong with not having a cigarette. My problem seems to be that I have no energy. The sleeping pattern is way off. I'm snacking more but eating less.

Last night at work, I had to start taking quick walks around the department. My butt was getting numb from sitting for a lengthy period of time. I'm used to taking a short break every two hours for a smoke.

Perhaps, I will try to make a conscious decision to get up and walk every two hours. May be my mind will start associating the breaks with a walk and not a smoke. I'm still waiting for the irritability to set in as the weeks go past. Oh dear.

Keep wishing me luck!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I’ve decided to quit smoking!

This is one of many things I am pursuing to improve my health. I’ve opted to use the NicoDerm CQ program. The program will last for 10 weeks. The NicoDerm CQ is intended to reduce my nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

I’ve been unsuccessful in the past, because I did not follow the program as suggested. I thought I had more willpower to overcome my physical need for nicotine.

There are several warning labels for this product, but the one that sticks out most is to keep the used NicoDerm CQ patches in the child resistant disposal tray provided with the box – safely away from children and pets. I don’t have any children, but I do have a loving cat. I will adhere to this rule in a diligent fashion. I love Fifi too much to make her ill!

This is my sixth attempt, so I know what to expect. Here is my planned progress:

The First Few Days.
I will feel edgy, nervous, and have trouble concentrating. I may experience headaches, dizziness, a little out of sorts, feel sweaty, upset stomach, and trouble sleeping. My morning coughing spell will get worse before it gets better. I will remember that coughing helps clear the tar deposits out of my lungs.

After A Week Or Two.
My smoking urges will lessen. Most nicotine withdrawal symptoms have left my body. I will notice less coughing, better breathing, and an improved sense of taste and smell.

After A Month.
My urge to smoke is a vague memory. I may have the occasional powerful urge as I walk past a group of smokers, and it won’t faze me. I will concentrate on the way non-smokers are more attractive than smokers. I will focus on the fact that I look younger than my age, because I don’t smoke. I will focus on my whiter, cleaner teeth. My breath will be fresher. My hair and clothes smell better. I will focus on my laughter not being interrupted by a coughing attack. I will focus on keeping others around me healthier, too.

I will be successful this time. I have a good support system in my friends and co-workers.

Bad Omen

I have known tmosher for well over a year via the Internet. I recently met him in person over Labor Day weekend while attending the Star Party near Texarkana. I was exhausted from the first day of the trip through to the weekend.

I had left directly from work, flew to Texas, and drove to Arkansas. I hadn’t slept in close to 36 hours by the time my head hit the pillow. I returned to Chicago with strep throat.

The strep throat symptoms were:
1. red and white patches in the throat
2. difficulty swallowing
3. tender or swollen glands (lymph nodes) in the neck
4. red and enlarged tonsils
5. headache
6. lower stomach pain
7. fever
8. general discomfort, uneasiness, or ill feeling
9. loss of appetite and nausea
10. rash

tmosher’s recent visit to Chicago brought on another illness. After dinner on Friday night, I suddenly came down with an allergic reaction from something I ate, drank, or inhaled. I’m not exactly sure how allergies development. I’ve never been allergic to anything before.

My symptoms this time where:
1. Skin - Redness, itching, swelling, rash, or hives (itchy bumps)
2. Lungs - Wheezing, tightness, cough, or shortness of breath
3. Head - Swelling of the face, eyelids, and lips; headache
4. Nose - Stuffy nose, runny nose (clear, thin discharge), sneezing
5. Eyes - Red (bloodshot), itchy, swollen, or watery
6. Stomach - Pain and nausea

I think it’s best to avoid tmosher in the future! Sorry, tmosher, but I have now associated you with feeling ill. ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sex and Candy

Don't let the second track fool you, Sex and Candy.

This is one of my favorite songs. Why? Because it has the word Candy in it. Enjoy!

"Hangin' round downtown
by myself
And I had so much time
To sit and think
about myself
And then there she was
Like double cherry pie
Yeah there she was
Like disco superfly
I smell sex and
candy here
Who's that casting
devious stares
In my direction
Mama this surely
is a dream"

I can't type the entire songs lyrics - copyright issue. Sorry.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Little Rock, Arkansas

Well, I'm ready to visit Little Rock to meet my newest buddy from the BAUT, genebujold (11/1-3). Unfortunately, my company doesn't fly there. genebujold now lives in Las Vegas, but he travels, too. My company goes to Nashville, Tennessee, which is close, right? Say the word, genebujold. I'm there!

Oh, give me a photo of you in Halloween costume. I most certainly will post it. :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

tmosher is coming!

tmosher is coming to Chicago this weekend! I have a few things I want to do, like go to the Museum of Science and Industry. I was hoping we could take the CTA (train) from Roselle to downtown. I've never rode on the train before, so it will be a new experience. I was hoping we could take a roadtrip to Dayton, Ohio. Charlie in Dayton is promoting a very exciting event.

I read where tmosher was planning on visiting from Thursday though Sunday. I just emailed him for the specifics. Wow, I'm getting excited. Finally, somebody to hand around with in the city I love so much. Woo hoo!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

St Louis, here I come!

I'm going to visit my newest friend, crosscountry, sometime during the timeframe of November 29-December 3. crosscountry is someone I met from the BAUT (referrals). He is a teacher's assistant in the Physics Department. As I'm writing this, I just realized, I don't know what University he is attending. D'Oh!

EDIT TO ADD: University of Missouri St. Louis campus!

I love traveling, so if you are interested in me visiting you, let me know. I work for an airline, so I'm able to travel for free. SO COOL!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do People Read My Blog?

Just wondering. I'll update this everyday if you tell me. Tell me. (Oh, the photo is of the cockpit of a model airplane).

Monday, October 10, 2005

What's your sex IQ?

What's your sex IQ?

There are 15 questions. You get one point for each one you answer correctly. You are told your score at the end.

Note: this quiz is intended for over 15s. (Requires Shockwave Player browser plug-in.)

I scored 12/15!

“[Whoa], tiger! A person could cook an egg with the steam coming off your appointments diary. In a thousand years’ time, entire populations may be traced back to your DNA. You’ve done well to keep your reputation unsullied. Your only problem is finding a sexual partner [that] can satisfy your requirements. You’re attractive, confident, [and] knowledgeable – either that or you’ve cheated. And no, we’re NOT envious.”

Well, I didn’t cheat. If you take the test and score something else, will you sum up the results? It doesn’t appear to let one copy and paste.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Classic Star Trek Women

Classic Star Trek Women
Featuring Vina

Vina was a crew member aboard the S.S. Columbia, and the only survivor of the expedition when it crashed on planet Talos IV in 2236. The Talosians cared for her and attempted to mend her wounds, but had no idea what a human being should look like. As a result, Vina was restored to health, but was severely disfigures. See "The Cage" and "The Menagerie, parts I and II") from googling Star Trek Encyclopedia.

I’m writing this, because someone changed the eyes to my Avatar on the Illuminati forum. They're moving now. Oh, that's so scary! Just in time for Halloween - my favorite time of the year.

Friday, September 30, 2005


Tom and I are going to TAM 4! I love traveling, and I especially like the fact that it will be with Tom. This years TAM will have some really cool people, James "The Amazing" Randi, Murray Gell-Mann, Nadine Strossen, the Mythbusters, Penn & Teller, Mac King, Jamy Ian Swiss, Phil Plait, Julia Sweeney, MIchael Shermer, just to name a few. I’ve never been to Las Vegas. The event will be held from January 26th to 29th, 2006, at the Stardust Resort and Casino. More stories to tell you later.

Tweaking my Blog

I've been tweaking Candygrams to be more user friendly to guests. You will now be able to add a comment without registering. Comments will display in a pop-up window, so be forewarned. You will have to turn off any program running a pop-up stopper. I turned on a word identification feature, so spammers will stop commenting in Candygrams. I'm still playing around with this, so I hope you like what I've done, thus far.

I saw Big Foot!

Fout, Arkansas is where the FOUT monster lives. This remote section of Arkansas is spooky, very spooky. After driving through a particular area, I felt as though I was being watched by something. It was an eerie feeling. Later I knew that it was because I had been in Fout, Arkansas and the woods have real monsters residing in them. The Fout monster is sort of a big foot type creature that attacks on occasion. It is not as shy as the pacifist big foot. Legend has it that the Fout Monster has attacked houses on more than one occasion and scared the hell out of the occupants. So don't look under your bed if you stay near Fout, Arkansas, some glowing red eyes may be looking back at you!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ark-La-Tex Star Party

Red River Astronomy Club will host a five day Star Party beginning September 1st and concluding Labor Day, Sept. 5th., 2005 at our club property located 13 miles west of Nashville, Ark. The Star Party will have dark skies, plenty of camping space, vendors (Rex's Astro Stuff), PhD and amateur presentations, meals , T-shirts, swap meet, showers, electricity, door prizes, and if cloudy, movies on a 72 inch screen indoors. We are currently looking into making available limited Broadband Internet access to the viewing field via wireless connection(802.11b/g). Ethernet connections in main building. Even though we have probably the darkest skies in Arkansas our property is located on a county road and may see one or two cars a night but most of the time none. We are working on a detour with the local residents.

My friend, tmosher living in Georgia, and I are going to meet up in Dallas. From there, we will rent a car and drive 3.5 hours to the event. The plan is to visit Superluminal, another lover of astronomy. This should be a great time for all. Hopefully, Superluminal will solicit BABBers to attend. BABBers can be found on the forum from I can be found on Look me up!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Blast from the Past!

What a welcome surprise when I received an email from from an old friend. Out of curiosity, I purchased the three month membership. It was Mary from Dayton! My siblings and I used to play at her house across the street from my Grandma's. I think the time frame was when I was between 5-10 years old.

Grandma and Grandpa Crider were a little scary to me as I grew up. They were super religious - Pentecostal. Going to church on Sunday was spooky with folks talking in tongues. Instead of absorbing the lifestyle, I simply studied it. Later in life, I expanded my studies of religion to include world religion. Personally, I'm not a follower of any faith, but I don't mind another practicing a belief to better their life choices.

It looks like Mary and I have come along way in life, since Dayton, Indiana. We took different paths, but it seems the common theme was both her and I returned back to school to further our education after many years. I'm a firm believer of continuing education. It was nice to hear from you Mary! I can't wait to hear from you again. You were always so nice to me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Same Sex Marriage

Same-Sex Marriage
By Candy Stair
Circa December 2004

The movement to open civil marriage to same-sex couples achieved its first temporary success in 1993 with the decision of the Hawaii Supreme Court that the restriction of marriage to opposite-sex couples would be presumed unconstitutional unless the state could demonstrate that it furthered a compelling state interest. In response to this decision the state constitution was amended to allow the legislature to preserve that restriction. A similar court decision in Alaska in 1998 led to an even stronger constitutional amendment, itself defining marriage as between one man and one woman. In further reaction to the Hawaii case, the federal Defense of Marriage Act (1996) provided that no state would be required to recognize a same-sex marriage from another state, and also defined marriage for federal-law purposes as opposite-sex. The majority of the states also passed their own "marriage protection acts."

In Vermont, after that state's Supreme Court held in 1999 that the state must extend to same-sex couples the same benefits that married couples receive, the legislature in 2000 created the status of "civil union" to fulfill that mandate.

In November 2003, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held that excluding same-sex couples from the benefits of civil marriage violated the state constitution, and in February 2004 that court further held that a "civil union" law would not be sufficient, and on May 17, 2004 Massachusetts became the first state in the United States where same-sex marriage per se is legal. A constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Judicial Court's decision has been given initial approval by the legislature. The soonest it could be voted on by the people is November 2006.

Currently, only one man and one woman can be joined in matrimony and have their marriages recognized by the state, except for residents of Massachusetts who successfully won a court battle for the right to marry. Same-sex couples were able to obtain marriage licenses in San Francisco, CA, and in various towns in New Mexico and New York for short intervals of time during 2004. However, none were able to register their marriages.

As of August, 2004, 37 states have enacted “Defense of Marriage Acts” (DOMAs) that ban same-sex marriage. Other states have similar legislation pending. 3 states (AK, NE, and NV) have amended their state constitutions to ban SSM. 4 states (MD, OR, WI, WY) have marriage laws that specifically prohibit SSM. 5 states (CT, NJ, NM, and RI) and DC have no explicit prohibition of SSM. And 1 state (MA) allows SSM, but only to residents of the state.

In the US, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) federally defines marriage as a union between one man and one women as husband and wife, and allows states the right to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. DOMA was in response to state rulings in favor of same-sex marriages, such as in Hawaii, Alaska, and Vermont. Worries that GLBT advocates would use the Full Faith and Credit Clause to require legal acts, records and proceedings executed in one state to be recognized in all other states, became realities. In turn, conservatives have been calling for a federal marriage amendment (H.J.RES.56) that would permanently define marriage in the US Constitution as a union only between a man and a woman, and would not allow states to rule otherwise.

Fifty years ago the California Supreme Court handed down its decision in the landmark case of Perez v. Lippold, striking down California’s ban on interracial marriage. A case that homosexual’s reference as their right to same-sex marriage.

In this proceeding in mandamus, petitioners seek to compel the county clerk of Los Angeles County to issue them a certificate of registry (Civ.Code, sec. 69a) and a **18 license to marry. (Civ.Code, sec. 69.) In the application for a license, petitioner Andrea Perez states that she is a white person and petitioner Sylvester Davis that he is a Negro. Respondent refuses to issue the certificate and license, invoking Civil Code section 69, which provides: '* * * no license may be issued authorizing the marriage of a white person with a Negro, mulatto, Mongolian or member of the Malay race.'

Civil Code section 69 implements Civil Code section 60, which provides: 'All marriages of white persons with [N]egroes, Mongolians, members of the Malay race, or mulatto[s] are illegal and void.' This section originally appeared in the Civil Code in 1872, but at that time it prohibited marriages only between white persons and Negroes or mulatto[s]. It *713 succeeded a statute prohibiting such marriages and authorizing the imposition of certain criminal penalties upon persons contracting or solemnizing them. (Stats.1850, Ch. 140, p. 424.) Since 1872, Civil Code section 60 has been twice amended, first to prohibit marriages between white persons and Mongolians (Stats.1901, p. 335) and subsequently to prohibit marriages between white persons and members of the Malay race. (Stats.1933, p. 561.)

Petitioners contend that the statutes in question are unconstitutional on the grounds that they prohibit the free exercise of their religion and deny to them the right to participate fully in the sacraments of that religion. They are members of the Roman Catholic Church. They maintain that since the church has no rule forbidding marriages between Negroes and Caucasians, they are entitled to receive the sacrament of matrimony.

The provision of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that Congress shall make no law 'respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof' is encompassed in the concept of liberty in the Fourteenth Amendment. State legislatures are therefore no more competent than Congress to enact such a law. Cantwell v. Connecticut, 310 U.S. 296, 303, 60 S.Ct. 900, 84 L.Ed. 1213, 128 A.L.R. 1352. They may, however, regulate conduct for the protection of society, and insofar as their regulations are directed towards a proper end and are not unreasonably discriminatory, they may indirectly affect religious activity without infringing the constitutional guarantee. Although freedom of conscience and the freedom to believe are absolute, the freedom to act is not. Cantwell v. Connecticut, supra, 310 U.S. at pages 303, 304, 60 S.Ct. at page 903.

The regulation of marriage is considered a proper function of the state. It is well settled that a legislature may declare monogamy to be the 'law of social life under its dominion,' even though such a law might inhibit the free exercise of certain religious practices. Reynolds v. U. S., 98 U.S. 145, 166, 25 L.Ed. 244; Davis v. Beason, 133 U.S. 333, 343, 10 S.Ct. 299, 33 L.Ed. 637. If the miscegenation law under attack in the present proceeding is directed at a social evil and employs a reasonable means to prevent that evil, it is valid regardless of its incidental effect upon the conduct of particular religious groups. If, on the other hand, the law is discriminatory and irrational, *714 it unconstitutionally restricts not only religious liberty but the liberty to marry as well.

The due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects an area of personal liberty not yet wholly delimited. 'While this court has not attempted to define with exactness the liberty thus guaranteed, the term has received much consideration and some of the included things have been definitely stated. Without doubt, it denotes not merely freedom from bodily restraint but also the right of the individual to contract, to engage in any of the common occupations of life, to acquire useful knowledge, to marry, establish a home and bring up children, to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience, and, generally, to enjoy those privileges long recognized at common law as essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.' Italics added: Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 399, 43 S.Ct. 625, 626, 67 L.Ed. 1042, 29 A.L.R. 1446. Marriage is thus something more than a civil contract subject to regulation by the **19 state; it is a fundamental right of free men. There can be no prohibition of marriage except for an important social objective and by reasonable means.

No law within the broad areas of state interest may be unreasonably discriminatory or arbitrary. The state's interest in public education, for example, does not empower the Legislature to compel school children to receive instruction from public teachers only, for it would thereby take away the right of parents to 'direct the up-bringing and education of children under their control.' Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510, 534, 535, 45 S.Ct. 571, 573, 69 L.Ed. 1070, 39 A.L.R. 468. Again, the state's vital concern in the prevention of crime and the mental health of its citizens does not empower the Legislature to deprive 'individuals of a right which is basic to the perpetuation of a race the right to have offspring' by authorizing the sterilization of criminals upon an arbitrary basis of classification and without a fair hearing. Skinner v. Oklahoma, 316 U.S. 535, 536, 62 S.Ct. 1110, 1111, 86 L.Ed. 1655.[FN1]

*715 The right to marry is as fundamental as the right to send one's child to a particular school or the right to have offspring. Indeed, 'We are dealing here with legislation which involves one of the basic civil rights of man. Marriage and procreation are fundamental to the very existence and survival of the race.' Skinner v. Oklahoma, supra, 316 U.S. at page 541, 62 S.Ct. at page 1113. Legislation infringing such rights must be based upon more than prejudice and must be free from oppressive discrimination to comply with the constitutional requirements of due process and equal protection of the laws. actual marriages.

Without the right to marry, same-sex couples have sought other ways to legalize their families, with varying success. Lambda Legal continues to support these efforts by drafting laws, expanding family recognition through the courts and empowering the LGBT community through education about their existing rights and options. Wills, health proxies, co-parent adoptions, co-leases, name changes: There are many legal ways that same-sex couples try to protect each other and their children. Still, desired protections may be unavailable, unsuccessful in court or not always respected by individuals, businesses or the government.

Homosexual couples point out that they are just as capable of raising children and having a healthy family as a heterosexual couple (adoptions for men, and adoption or artificial insemination for women).

Also, many point at that no fault divorce laws have reduced civil marriage to a contract, and all couples should have equal access to that contract.

The biggest argument in support is allowing same-sex couples the same legal protections, such as access to health care as a dependent, access to spouse in a medical emergency, inheritance, etc.

It should be noted that most supporters are not asking any particular religion to sanctify the marriage - just that a legal union, with equal rights and privileges be allowed. "If two people want to build a life together to the point of signing documents that require messy expensive divorce to undo, why not give everyone the same rights?”

The major attacks on same-sex marriage come from the religious right, who are opposed to homosexuality in any form. Naturally, they speak out against gay marriage as well.

One opposing view is that somehow same-sex marriage disrupts the "sanctity" of hetero marriage. The homosexual view; though it should be noted that no fault divorce laws really ended any "sanctity" in the contract some decades ago. Sanctity still remains in the religious aspect of some marriages, but that is separate from the civil marriage contract.

An interesting viewpoint from some gay couples is that they oppose gay marriage simply as a means to "legitimize" or sanctify a domestic partnership. “Historically, marriage has benefited male property owners. So, in a way, buying into marriage undermines the feminist sensibilities.” In their specific case however, they need none of the protections or extra privileges that a marriage contract offers. (For instance, their health care coverage accepts domestic partners).

Vermont has a "civil union" law, California now has one slated to take effect in 2005. The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that the state may not exclude “qualified same-sex couples from access to civil marriage”. However, about half of the states have anti-gay marriage laws.

Meanwhile, the fundamentalist Christian right is active in opposing same-sex marriage, and makes up the core of the anti-gay movement.

[A] “family” merely means an interwoven social life, emotional commitment, and some level of financial interdependence.

It’s principle now well established around the country. Several cities have “domestic partnership” laws, which allow relationships that do not fit into the category of heterosexual marriage to be registered with the city and qualify for benefits that up till now have been reserved for straight married couples. San Francisco, Berkeley, Madison, and Los Angeles all have legislation, as does the politically correct Washington, D.C., suburb, Takoma Park. In these cities, a variety of interpersonal arrangements qualify for health insurance, bereavement leave, insurance, annuity and pension rights, housing rights (such as rent control apartments), adoption and inheritance rights. Eventually, according to gay lobby groups, the aim is to include federal income tax and veterans’ benefits as well. A recent case even involved the right to use a family member’s accumulated frequent-flier points. Gays are not the only beneficiaries; heterosexual “live-togethers” also qualify.

There’s an argument, of course, that the current legal advantages extended to married people unfairly discriminate against people who’ve shaped their lives in less conventional arrangements.

United Airlines offers benefits for an employee's domestic partner as part of the company’s commitment to valuing and supporting diversity among our employees and customers. There are other major companies offering similar benefits.

The same health, welfare, and travel benefits United currently provides to an employee's spouse are available as of May 1, 2000, to an employee's same-sex domestic partner. These benefits include medical and dental coverage, travel benefits, life and personal accident insurance, and a pre-retirement survivor pension benefit, (if elected by the employee). If an employee can legally marry his/her domestic partner under US law but chooses not to do so, then his or her domestic partner is eligible under this program for travel and bereavement leave benefits only. An employees and his or her domestic partner will need to meet certain requirements and provide legally acceptable evidence of their relationship in order to qualify for benefits.

While much of Western Europe is embracing homosexual unions or even marriage in some cases, the majority of Americans stolidly reject them. That became clear in [the last election], when all 11 states with ballot initiatives on same-sex marriages voted them down. Eight states voted to cut the rights of people – gay or straight – who are in civil unions and domestic partnerships. At risk, voters insist, are core American values: the role of family, the education of children, even the choice to live a sinful or moral life.

[C]onsider gay rights. Voters from Mississippi to Oregon approved resolutions opposed to same-sex marriages, and fewer than a dozen states provide health care benefits to the domestic partners of gay and lesbian employees. The federal government under George W. Bush certainly does not do so, and won’t. But at last count, 227 companies in the Fortune 500, including General Motors, Ford and Chevron Texaco, offer domestic partner benefits. A decade ago, only a handful did. More join them every year because firms need to compete for talent and want to be seen as treating everyone fairly.

I believe same-sex marriage should be decided by the people. And in 2004, the voters said no, not once, but in eleven of the states it was proposed. I don’t feel our country is ready to accept homosexuality as a normal lifestyle. Perhaps, in time my view will change.

As in Europe, where legal gay unions took years to evolve, attitudes about same-sex marriage are shifting with a younger generation of Americans. A CBS/New York Times poll last year found that Americans under 30 favor gay marriage by 61 percent to 35 percent. People 65 and older opposed it by a 73 to 18 percent margin. In 20 years, that first group will be running the country. Maybe one of them will also be in the White House.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Dr Brian Cox is the bomb!

I've been watching Dr Brian Cox for some months now. I first saw him on the Discovery Channel. I posted to a very popular website called My curiosity peeked after someone suggested I email him, which I did. Well, folks, in a matter of days, I got to meet with Dr Brian Cox. I predict he will be a famous person in the Science industry in the near future. Mark my words. His intelligence, great looks, and awesome style will take him far in life. I just want to take this opportunity to say, I'm glad I got to meet him!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Cat Lover!

This is the love of my life. Her name is Fifi. She adopted me 14 years ago. She was living on the streets. She started hanging around my backyard. I began feeding her on a daily basis. I gave her the name Fifi, because she is so furry. She just looked French.

One day she looked up at me with a nasty goo hanging in the corner of her eye. I called the vet to see if I could bring a stray cat in for medical attention. Long story short, the vet said she had a cold in her eye. Plus she was pregnant. I left her with the vet for a week to fix everything. $500 dollars later, she was mine.

She slowly became domesticated. Now, she is an indoor cat. She has moved to 7 different locations with me. Hopefully, buying a condo will be a long time off from moving again.

She's my baby!

Master Sgt Dan

Well, I worked out this morning after work. I'm still sore from two days ago. Master Sgt Dan will be going to Georgia for two weeks of Army training, so I will have a substitute. I finally got Master Sgt Dan trained the way I wanted. It took awhile to break him in.

Master Sgt Dan will be returning to Afghanistan in December. I believe this is his third tour. He loves it. He's a 23 year old hard body with a heart of gold. I don't know how I got so lucky to find a kid with so much in common with me when it comes to religion and politics. It makes working out easier. Chatting makes the time fly by, but not the pain.

He's a good kid, and I will miss him while he's away. Here's to you, Danny! I appreciate you, and I am very proud of everything you do to keep the World and myself safe.

P.s. He is going to bring me a cool ARMY t-shirt back! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday Blues

Tomorrow, I call Keller Graduate School of Management. I have one last exam to take before gaining access into the Network Communications program. If I'm going to be stuck in a no where job, then I might as well continue with school.

I'm the one accepting my diploma (the redhead with the extremely long hair).

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Good news and bad news!

Good news and bad news!

The good news is that I graduated Summa Cum Laude from DeVry University on June 17th. I now have a Bachelor’s of Science in Technical Management.

The bad news is that I got in trouble at work again. Since the new manager has arrived, I can’t seem to do anything right. We had THE TALK yesterday morning. I have volunteered to change my schedule, so that I can work with the new manager one on one. I normally work midnights, so working during the day will be very much welcomed.

I don’t want to go into great detail, but after THE TALK, she told me I would need a miracle to happen if I ever wanted to advance at my company. I told her I have submitted my resume within the company to another department already (a department that knows me and my abilities).

Suddenly, she shifted gears. I was then told that out of all the other co-workers (team of 4), I was the last person she wanted to see leave. I found this very odd. She then said I should meet with a higher manager to apply for an open position within my same department. Again, odd!

I get the feeling; she doesn’t want to lose me, because of my ‘expertise’. I’m very good at my job. I also get the feeling she wants to keep some kind of weird control over me. At my company, it’s hard to advance, unless you have a degree. Well, I now have the degree, but I keep getting trivial discipline letters put into my personnel file. These will destroy my career with a company I have dedicated my last 8 years.

I’m just so confused!

I sent an email just before I left work today. I sent it to the department head with the job opening. I’ll sum it up for you:

For the last two years, I have worked full-time while attending college full-time. I am ready for a new challenge. I look forward to hearing from you to set up an interview.

There was more meat to the verbiage, but you get the gist.


Friday, June 24, 2005


Hello, my name is Candy. This is a test. I've never had a blog before. :)