Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ark-La-Tex Star Party

Red River Astronomy Club will host a five day Star Party beginning September 1st and concluding Labor Day, Sept. 5th., 2005 at our club property located 13 miles west of Nashville, Ark. The Star Party will have dark skies, plenty of camping space, vendors (Rex's Astro Stuff), PhD and amateur presentations, meals , T-shirts, swap meet, showers, electricity, door prizes, and if cloudy, movies on a 72 inch screen indoors. We are currently looking into making available limited Broadband Internet access to the viewing field via wireless connection(802.11b/g). Ethernet connections in main building. Even though we have probably the darkest skies in Arkansas our property is located on a county road and may see one or two cars a night but most of the time none. We are working on a detour with the local residents.

My friend, tmosher living in Georgia, and I are going to meet up in Dallas. From there, we will rent a car and drive 3.5 hours to the event. The plan is to visit Superluminal, another lover of astronomy. This should be a great time for all. Hopefully, Superluminal will solicit BABBers to attend. BABBers can be found on the forum from I can be found on Look me up!

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