Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fifi, the movie star!

I miss you so much. I had a dream about Fifi last night. She was sleeping on my lap as I lay on the sofa. I was afraid to pet her for fear that she would disappear. If she comes in my dream again tonight, then I am petting her.

Look at the progress with Ladybugs!

It's like they are in heaven.

I added more raisons. I thought there was one, but now there are two. They seem to like the water and food. How cool is this?

Employment Opportunity

I received a call this morning from a recruiter about a job offer. If successful, then I'd be working with AT&T Route It!®. This would be the web application working remotely from home. It's only a two month contract job. This would be perfect if I could get this position. I loved working with Route It at United Airlines. I was the person that was always requested for cutovers by Avaya and AT&T, since I was good with the technical side. Give me the resources, and I can figure out any issue with routing 800 numbers. WISH ME LUCK!


AT&T Route It!® provides real-time, direct control over your call centers' Toll-Free Advanced Feature and domestic and international Toll-Free numbers. Route It! offers you an array of routing control functions without having to issue an AT&T service order. And. it supports all of the AT&T Toll-Free Advanced Features.

Key Benefits:
More hands-on control over your call centers
Faster and more efficient management of calls between multiple call centers
Schedule call routing changes up to 13 months in advance
Quick changes can be made in five minutes or less, even in emergencies
Increase call completions due to optimized routing
Cut, copy, and paste entire sections of routing plans to other plans

Monday, January 26, 2009

Earths lights from Space

If you’ve ever wanted to know where people who use and don’t use technology are located, then check out this photo of Earth as seen from Space. I believe the first time I ever saw the photo was when I was a regular on the BAUT forum. I remember years later to use as a visual aid for one of my graduate courses. My major was Telecommunications, and this helped sell my idea for a smart satellite phone to the Professor. He was so against satellite phones due to cost. I was able to find a couple of companies with the ability to produce a smart phone where the cost is acceptable to the business person who is a world traveler. **A smart phone in this case is a phone with satellite, cellular and IP capabilities. The phone would automatically pick up the most economical signal when in use.** My professor said it was actually a good idea.
Photo is from

Ladybugs (Asian Lady Beetle)

Since Fifi passed away, I’ve been pretty lonely. I’m not ready for a new fur ball, either. Which brings me to the topic of ladybugs (Asian Lady Beetle)? I notice them more in the winter, since they take up residency in my home. They are always around the sliding glass doors that lead to my balcony, which happens to be facing the east for maximum Sun exposure. Without Fifi around to pamper, I started to focus my attention on these ladybugs. I always wondered how in the world they seem to stay alive without access to food. Apparently, they don’t; there’s just more than one. I looked online to see if I can preserve them long enough for spring to come. It seems that I can by giving them a damp cloth for water. I can feed them moist raisons, too. There are other non-acidic fruits for them to munch on, but this choice is the easiest and least messy. This should keep them alive long enough for me to release them outside when the weather is warmer. They seem to be the ideal pet for me right now. They are small and cute. Plus, they don’t scare my roommates from India. LOL

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Search for the Star of Bethlehem

What are the odds that I flip to the Science Channel at exactly 21:30CT tonight to catch a glimpse of Search for the Star of Bethlehem to find Dr Brian Cox expressing his views? I had no idea he was part of the show. I haven't been cyber stalking him lately.

I'm actually watching The Last Templar Part 1 of 2 with Mira Sorvino on NBC. I kept changing the channels back and forth since 21:00CT to only find those irritating commercials on at exactly the same time . I got seriously lucky at the half hour! Well, both shows are over now. Dr Brian Cox made the ~2 minutes I saw him unforgettable.

The photo is from the BBC. I thought it appropriate for this blog entry.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

FIFI and Euthanasia!

Euthanasia (literally "good death" in Ancient Greek) refers to the practice of ending a life in a painless manner. Pramod and Amir are taking Fifi to the Golf Rose Animal Hospital tonight. FIFI PASSED AWAY TONIGHT.