Thursday, August 24, 2006

A dedication to HUb'

To HUb', my friend!


Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is a company established by Richard Branson's Virgin Group to undertake the challenge of developing space tourism for everybody.

Virgin Galactic will own and operate privately built spaceships, modelled on the history-making SpaceShipOne craft. These spaceships will allow affordable sub-orbital space tourism for the first time in our history.

Due to the unique technology developed by Burt Rutan, this space craft design has overcome the difficult issues of re-entry into the earth's atmosphere faced by so many designers trying to create efficient, re-usable space vehicles.

We believe that it is in mankind's interest to develop our knowledge and understanding as well as access to space. Every customer of Virgin Galactic will be helping the development of a new generation of space craft.

Designs for the Virgin Galactic craft are progressing on a weekly basis at Rutan's base in Mojave, California and by early 2005 the final design for the maiden Virgin Galactic ship, the VSS (Virgin SpaceShip) Enterprise, should be signed-off.

What will follow will be a concerted Research and Development programme to earn the craft their qualification to carry some of the world's first scheduled space tourists. Safety is paramount. It is planned to have multiple levels of redundancy on key systems in order to achieve a very robust system in every phase of flight.

Virgin's experience in aviation, adventure, luxury travel and cutting-edge design will be vital in contributing to the design of the spaceship, the smooth operation of the spaceline and creating an unforgettable experience unlike any other available to mankind.

"We've always had a dream of developing a space tourism business and Paul Allen's vision, combined with Burt Rutan's technological brilliance, have brought that dream a step closer to reality. The deal with Mojave Aerospace Ventures is just the start of what we believe will be a new era in the history of mankind, one day making the affordable exploration of space by human beings a real possibility."

Richard Branson

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Historical Foundation Presents...

United Airlines Historical Foundation is hosting a very unique event at Aurora Municipal Airport. On September 30th and October 1st, 2006, a magnificently restored EAA 1927 Swallow Air Mail biplane will be at the Aurora Municipal Airport offering rides to the general public. I'LL BE THERE ON THE 1ST!

The Swallow is part of the vintage fleet at EAA's Pioneer Airport and is painted in the 1926 Varney Air Mail Livery which began the first commercial air mail service in the Pacific Northwest. Varney, one of four air lines merged into United Air Lines in 1931.

The United Airlines Historical Foundation provided support to the Swallow's restoration and is the host of this two day event.

Those who wish to experience the thrill of riding in an open cockpit air mail biplane may make their reservation at

Rides will be every 30 minutes. Cost per single passenger ride is $150.00. I JUST SENT OFF FOR MY TICKET!

Watch for some cool photos of this experience! You can see me touching the Swallow below from the United Family outing at the Schaumburg Airport.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's time to fly!

I feel trapped in my current job. With so many cuts worldwide, ~50,000, there is just no room for advancement. I am planning on taking some time off, so I can concentrate on updating my resume. I'm ready to move on to bigger and better things. It seems scary, but it also feels right.

I'm willing to relocate. Being single with no children is a big plus for most companies. The continued education is not a bad thing, either. I want to learn and experience more in life. This won't happen over night with my busy work and school schedule, but it will happen sooner than later. "It's time to fly!"


I registered for a new class. TM584 is Telecommunications Law & Regulation. I'll post more when I get the details. My buddy, Mehul, is taking the same class. He works for Pepsi, and he is hot! Oh, I can't wait to sit by him in the back row. Purrrrrrrr!