Thursday, August 24, 2006

A dedication to HUb'

To HUb', my friend!



pd X said...


Candy said...

I hope you like my tribute!

pdX said...


Candy said...

HUb', I've been hanging out on - it's a little different than most forums, but fun none-the-less. I'm Candy Stair on there if you decide to check it out.

It is a way to network for business, school, and more. There are lots of Brazilians and Eastern Indians. Apparently, the website hasn't caught on in the USA.

Pd X said...

OH? well those E.I's can be SWift
at times. i've very little on line
time now that {UM}? school is out?
maybe? maybe not Pd X

Candy said...

Will you be attending another school? I want you back online playing with me.

pdX said...

YOU GIRL are repeating yourself
today is the 30th already not 28
---- across the tables SIT
well never mind U know LATER C

pdx said...

20061016 Earth? Spectrum?/?

.pdx.ed said...

anyway: 20061023
i've 2 incomming ?
eXactly why i'll be waiting
to reply i donno. I WAIT ?

Candy said...

Sorry HUb'ie. I've been busy with work and mostly school. I have a final this Saturday. Here is a link with Spectrum. There are some pretty cool photos, too.

I'm searching for a new job, too. I just posted my resume on Wow, I have more experience than 90% of other applicants, and 80% more education than other applicants. Woo hoo!