Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's time to fly!

I feel trapped in my current job. With so many cuts worldwide, ~50,000, there is just no room for advancement. I am planning on taking some time off, so I can concentrate on updating my resume. I'm ready to move on to bigger and better things. It seems scary, but it also feels right.

I'm willing to relocate. Being single with no children is a big plus for most companies. The continued education is not a bad thing, either. I want to learn and experience more in life. This won't happen over night with my busy work and school schedule, but it will happen sooner than later. "It's time to fly!"


pdx said...


Candy said...

Thanks, HUb'. I still care about you, too.

pdx said...

I try to KEEP up when i can?
Hows United these days U sound d.. pressed

Candy said...

I could work here for years. I love United. I just need some excitement in my life. Perhaps, a new challenge.

Anonymous said...

my guess is you kneed a change
maybe a pat on the back /OR more

Candy said...

HR is looking into finding me another position more suitable to my education and experience. I was asked not to leave the company just yet. Wow, I feel important for some reason. Perhaps, there is hope for happiness! :)

pdx said...

I watched the United Story last nignt on my TV set. I do not recall
if it was a rerun OR.
anway the jist of the tail was CH11
or was it 13.
My guess Stick2it take the option
when offered and sell short two days

pd said...

now my access to ART Muse is X

Candy said...

You always make me smile, HUb'. Thank you!

P said...

so how do i get my photo to appear?

Candy said...