Monday, January 26, 2009

Earths lights from Space

If you’ve ever wanted to know where people who use and don’t use technology are located, then check out this photo of Earth as seen from Space. I believe the first time I ever saw the photo was when I was a regular on the BAUT forum. I remember years later to use as a visual aid for one of my graduate courses. My major was Telecommunications, and this helped sell my idea for a smart satellite phone to the Professor. He was so against satellite phones due to cost. I was able to find a couple of companies with the ability to produce a smart phone where the cost is acceptable to the business person who is a world traveler. **A smart phone in this case is a phone with satellite, cellular and IP capabilities. The phone would automatically pick up the most economical signal when in use.** My professor said it was actually a good idea.
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David said...

Ah... Space, the Final Frontier...

I would definitely buy you that phone. Let's talk business.

Candygram said...

You may call me anytime. :)