Monday, January 26, 2009

Ladybugs (Asian Lady Beetle)

Since Fifi passed away, I’ve been pretty lonely. I’m not ready for a new fur ball, either. Which brings me to the topic of ladybugs (Asian Lady Beetle)? I notice them more in the winter, since they take up residency in my home. They are always around the sliding glass doors that lead to my balcony, which happens to be facing the east for maximum Sun exposure. Without Fifi around to pamper, I started to focus my attention on these ladybugs. I always wondered how in the world they seem to stay alive without access to food. Apparently, they don’t; there’s just more than one. I looked online to see if I can preserve them long enough for spring to come. It seems that I can by giving them a damp cloth for water. I can feed them moist raisons, too. There are other non-acidic fruits for them to munch on, but this choice is the easiest and least messy. This should keep them alive long enough for me to release them outside when the weather is warmer. They seem to be the ideal pet for me right now. They are small and cute. Plus, they don’t scare my roommates from India. LOL


David said...


First of all, my belated condolences on your loss. Take your time finding a new hairy little sibling.

You know, I don't think that in my case I'm even ready for a ladybug... I expect to see first how I make it with a interior plant, LOL

About my secrets... What kind of captain would I be if I don't ask for your secrets, too, in return? Deal?

Candygram said...

Aye Aye Captain!

Thanks for the well wishes. I've left one chair alone with Fifi's hair. Its one of the spots where she'd sleep. Weird, I pet the hair remnants sometimes after looking at her photos. She is deeply missed by many. She became such a part of my extended family over the last 18 years. "When people call, they always ask how Fifi is doing." There were only two things I ever truly love[d] in life: Fifi and Grandma Stair. :)

beak said...

I can't believe im not on the list with fifi. The ladybugs give off a nasty odor so dont try to pet them

Candygram said...

Fifi is/was one of a kind. :(

The ladybugs let me touch them with no odor. They've been MIA for a couple of days.

There's a new bug on the window. I just gave him a wet wash cloth. He must've been thirsty. He hasn't moved in 3 minutes. I gave him a couple of raisons. I don't know what kind of bug he is, so he may not like them. Hmmmmmmm

I wonder where these "glass" bugs come from. They only hang where there is sunlight or light.