Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Employment Opportunity

I received a call this morning from a recruiter about a job offer. If successful, then I'd be working with AT&T Route It!®. This would be the web application working remotely from home. It's only a two month contract job. This would be perfect if I could get this position. I loved working with Route It at United Airlines. I was the person that was always requested for cutovers by Avaya and AT&T, since I was good with the technical side. Give me the resources, and I can figure out any issue with routing 800 numbers. WISH ME LUCK!


AT&T Route It!® provides real-time, direct control over your call centers' Toll-Free Advanced Feature and domestic and international Toll-Free numbers. Route It! offers you an array of routing control functions without having to issue an AT&T service order. And. it supports all of the AT&T Toll-Free Advanced Features.

Key Benefits:
More hands-on control over your call centers
Faster and more efficient management of calls between multiple call centers
Schedule call routing changes up to 13 months in advance
Quick changes can be made in five minutes or less, even in emergencies
Increase call completions due to optimized routing
Cut, copy, and paste entire sections of routing plans to other plans


Harmeet said...

That's kool. Are you looking for an assistant?


Candygram said...

No one's called, so I don't think I got an interview. I'll keep posting online for other jobs.

Anonymous said...

LOL, OK. I hope you recognised me from IFF. It seems to be complicated here, but guess I figured it out. Are you on skype too?


Jacob said...

You are missed.


Candygram said...

Yes, I'd know the sexy Singh from anywhere. :)

Hey, mrex! I'm not ready for IFF, yet. I've been doing okay. I'm trying to get the roommates to start working out with me. I don't like to go to the gym alone.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped in to see if you were around.


Candygram said...

I got the job with Centrex... another AT&T application. I so love AT&T!

Barlymasher said...

Technically the web application is not Route It!, it is ( or was ) called Toll-Free Routing Control which is accessed via Business Direct. Route It! does have the ability to transport it's message over the internet, but it is still a PC based application.

Candygram said...

Thanks, Barlymasher. I didn't get the above job. I did get another job with AT&T. I'm working with Centrex. :)

O said...

Re-read my post and perhaps I come off a little harsh, which was not my intent. Just that I worked on Route It! and was the lead analyst on Toll-Free Routing Control ( for good or bad, last I checked they still hadn't upgraded it much from 1997 tech ) and most people made that mistake which is just a pet peeve of mine.

Congrats on the job and good luck!

O said...

last post was by 'barleymasher', apparently I changed my profile display at some point yesterday.

Candygram said...

You didn't offend me, "O". I think your knowledge is wonderful and refreshing. Thanks for keeping me up to date. ;)