Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fifi, the movie star!

I miss you so much. I had a dream about Fifi last night. She was sleeping on my lap as I lay on the sofa. I was afraid to pet her for fear that she would disappear. If she comes in my dream again tonight, then I am petting her.


David said...

Piano piano va lontano... Take your time.

Question: what do you mean by your label "pure love"?

Regards :)

Candygram said...

Pure love is a phrase I coined on another blog many moons ago. It was meant as a way to not confuse others on my love for Fifi.

Unconditional love didn't sound right.

Fifi and I has such a bond that it was strange. She would greet me at the door when I came home. She would follow me around the house. She would sleep with me. Sometimes, she would wake me up with kitty kisses to my forehead.

She never mewed like other cats. She was very well taken care of with food, shelter and a vet's care. I started having her groomed in her older age.

She was the closest I'll most likely ever get to having a baby. She still purred whenever I held her. Some say this is a form of self healing. I say it is a form of pure love. It seemed to become both over the last few years.

Her dementia was grueling over the last year for me. It was hard for me to understand. She became deaf and partially blind. She had a lot of health issues. The vet said she would die if put under anesthesia. I couldn't stand seeing her in pain any longer. :(

Jacob said...

The quality of your voice is debatable ;)


Candygram said...

LOL - the roommates and I were drinking heavily that day. Nemo made dinner, too. We call him kitchen bitch.

For some reason, they like to get me liquored up a lot. ;)

B.H. said...

aww she's such a cute pussy cat. This is the first time I've actually seen her...Candy, no wonder she is so greatly missed. Feel better love.


Jacob said...

You changed your picture but after that nothing new for your viewers 'reading' pleasure. Check my blog sometime ;) I had a visitor from Peoria and another from Wheaton. I think they are 2 different users. One could be you but wonder who the other one is?

Enzo said...

Hi Candy, I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I wish I had come by sooner. Our cat Matt Russell, is a central part of our life at home. Matt is filling in for our son who has grown and moved off into life. I know how important a kitty can be. I know you loved your Fifi. My cat before Matt was a big old yellow cat. I had him for 20 years. I still have photos of him here on my desk. Be well. Love from your pal Enzo