Sunday, January 25, 2009

Search for the Star of Bethlehem

What are the odds that I flip to the Science Channel at exactly 21:30CT tonight to catch a glimpse of Search for the Star of Bethlehem to find Dr Brian Cox expressing his views? I had no idea he was part of the show. I haven't been cyber stalking him lately.

I'm actually watching The Last Templar Part 1 of 2 with Mira Sorvino on NBC. I kept changing the channels back and forth since 21:00CT to only find those irritating commercials on at exactly the same time . I got seriously lucky at the half hour! Well, both shows are over now. Dr Brian Cox made the ~2 minutes I saw him unforgettable.

The photo is from the BBC. I thought it appropriate for this blog entry.


David said...

Well... I just don't watch tv. Is that program "The Last Templar" based on a book? It sounds interesting.

Candygram said...

Yes, the "miniseries" is based on Raymond Khoury's 2005 novel of the same name.