Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I’ve decided to quit smoking!

This is one of many things I am pursuing to improve my health. I’ve opted to use the NicoDerm CQ program. The program will last for 10 weeks. The NicoDerm CQ is intended to reduce my nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

I’ve been unsuccessful in the past, because I did not follow the program as suggested. I thought I had more willpower to overcome my physical need for nicotine.

There are several warning labels for this product, but the one that sticks out most is to keep the used NicoDerm CQ patches in the child resistant disposal tray provided with the box – safely away from children and pets. I don’t have any children, but I do have a loving cat. I will adhere to this rule in a diligent fashion. I love Fifi too much to make her ill!

This is my sixth attempt, so I know what to expect. Here is my planned progress:

The First Few Days.
I will feel edgy, nervous, and have trouble concentrating. I may experience headaches, dizziness, a little out of sorts, feel sweaty, upset stomach, and trouble sleeping. My morning coughing spell will get worse before it gets better. I will remember that coughing helps clear the tar deposits out of my lungs.

After A Week Or Two.
My smoking urges will lessen. Most nicotine withdrawal symptoms have left my body. I will notice less coughing, better breathing, and an improved sense of taste and smell.

After A Month.
My urge to smoke is a vague memory. I may have the occasional powerful urge as I walk past a group of smokers, and it won’t faze me. I will concentrate on the way non-smokers are more attractive than smokers. I will focus on the fact that I look younger than my age, because I don’t smoke. I will focus on my whiter, cleaner teeth. My breath will be fresher. My hair and clothes smell better. I will focus on my laughter not being interrupted by a coughing attack. I will focus on keeping others around me healthier, too.

I will be successful this time. I have a good support system in my friends and co-workers.


Candy said...

I officially started on October 30th. It's now November 2nd. I've made it through 2 full days. Woo hoo!

I've been cleaning in my condo to help get the smoke smell out. During the day, I open the sliding glass door, which helps.

I may have the carpet cleaned. I have some leather furniture cleaner that I can wipe down the sofa's and chair.

Boy, do I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy good luck with no smoking programme. I hope it works out for you :-)


Candy said...

Thank you, Mark. I'm still going strong. This is exactly the kind of encouragement I need.

Thanks to Pete, too!

Having a strong support system is exactly what I need. :)

Anonymous said...

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