Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do People Read My Blog?

Just wondering. I'll update this everyday if you tell me. Tell me. (Oh, the photo is of the cockpit of a model airplane).


Lonewulf said...

Well, I might strat :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy, keep up the good work ;-)
hen I first checked here you needed to register to post a comment. That seems to have changed so you should soon start to have a deluge of comments.

Mark xx

Candy said...

Cool! I will start tomorrow with posting everyday. Now, you'll see what a real "exciting" life I lead, Lonewulf. ;)

I'm glad to see you back, Mark! I'll reply to your email tomorrow. I had a really long work day - 12.5 hours. I'm exhausted.

Lonewulf said...

I'm enticed! Exciting! Wow!

Candy said...

Lonewulf, your my favorite poster today. LOL