Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dr Brian Cox Unofficial Fan Club

If you look real close, you can see the mysterious words written by Gia. This is an example of the fun we had last year. I've not got the "official" go ahead for the "unofficial" fan club for Dr Brian Cox. I'm hoping Gia will give her blessing. It appears that the man has a huge following. I still like to think I am his number one fan.

Here's another link to Gia, his wife. This is her work blog, Sunshine. Gia states, "[T]here's a lot of science, astronomy and mythology there as well as stuff about the film." That doesn't look like work, that looks like fun! Well, after I get the blessing, then it's off to cyberworld in search of Dr Brian Cox. I'll keep plugging Gia, too. <-- not in a naughty way!

This weekend, I go shopping for a new computer.


The Big Bang said...

Hi Candy,

I hope you're OK with the you-know-what thing. It wasn't meant to make things more confusing. Really, I thought you knew and were just playing along until I was told otherwise. :-(

That was a great picture of Brian with all the red, and Tom, Lycos, et al were pretty funny about it, too. It's too bad it was deleted (or perhaps it's just tucked away), because it was a truly odd thread alternating between seriousness and inanity. It seems like, however, that threads or such games like that always end up going too far. Look at the page on Mark's blog--it was fun, then it got all serious with the ISP talk, etc. Always wish he'd have deleted that stuff because it ruins the flow and fun of it. That it's 3rd on Google for a Brian-search only emphasizes that point.

Mark was funny with the crabs and quarks--a quick wit he has, for sure. ;-)

Anyway, it's time to move on...but hey, call off the dogs, so to speak. I see a storm brewing ahead, and nobody needs that right now. ;-)

Good luck with your classes and all. Talk to you later (I have a ? for you, too, but not here.)

If Gia sees this, good luck with "Sunshine"--real curious to see how that turns out. And 'hope the funky kitty is staying away from the fishies. My wastebasket was thoroughly destroyed this morning by one gato diablo.

Ciao! :-)

Candy said...

Mark has crabs! I hear there is a shampoo that will clear that up real fast. LOL