Saturday, July 15, 2006

Networking Concepts and Applications


I'm taking IS589! I love this class.

Networking Concepts and Applications focuses on design, development and operation of a data communications system and computer networks, and emphasizes the management of data distribution and access. The course includes essential elements of networks including hardware, software and interfaces.

I have to do a group project with two other students. If I deem it worthy, I'll post it for all to see.


pdx00782 said...

send me the link for IS 5 8 9

pradeep kumar said...

where did your project reach till now? Though I am not direct related to IT but it will be usefull me too .it looks very interesting . plz keep informing me about the latest progrees of above project.

Candy said...

I didn't like the paper, so I will not post it. I still got an A for the class. :)