Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm tired!

Okay, I've been working and studying. Work is okay, but class is hard. I want to get a B or better. Sorry, I will try to post something twice a month. Please forgive me for being aloof. Oh, I just got the AT&T Quad Bundle. I'm just thrilled with the monthy cost of HDTV (Dish Network), High Speed Internet (AT&T Yahoo), Cell Phone (Cingular), and my Land Line (AT&T). Everything is on one paper bill a month. Woo hoo!

Back to studying. :(


pradeep kumar said...

a simple formuae for refreshing --
when you have been tired too much , forget everything around you for a moment and try to do or read or sing some stupid work or book or song. these will surely give you a fress energy.
plz use it and inform me after a little success.

Enzo said...

Keep your nose to the old grindstone. That's good for a flat nose at least.

pradeep kumar said...

what are you doing now a days ? are you still buisy ? I miss u dear !

Anonymous said...

seems still buisy dear ! try to find some time for friends .

pradeep kumar said...

hi dear !
what's going on ? r u still busy ? I have write a new experience on my webpage. plz have a look and give your presious comments, if possible .

Candy said...

I'm still a busy bee with school. I'm trying to write a 7-10 page research paper on FCC Spectrum. It is so boring. I wish we could be more creative, but we have to write on earth spectrums. I would so rather write about radioastronomy. :)

pradeep kumar said...

hi dear,
I have invite you for chating on yahoo and my id is p1234bali@yahoo.com

plz accept it. now a days I am doing night duty on each satarday. Despite of hectic shedule we can find some time for chat.

X said...

how about a link to FCC spectrums
OR Earth spectrum?
i'v not 1 clue
WHAT 2 do

pdx007 said...

Sad News?

pdx said...

still sad 12/16
Merry X-Mass anyway ::)

pdx said...

Got a "private from Grapes
i'd forward it
only theres no FORWARD button
in private

Candy said...

LOL, HUb'! You can copy and paste it to a new email. Send it to candy.stair@att.net - thanks, sweetie. :)

The Dude Dean said...

Is it working out well?