Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dr Brian Cox Wikipedia Page

Yes, it's the hot doctor and me.


Anonymous said...

Hey wasn't this the same guy that got you in trouble with the board, etc?

Maybe it would be best if you let this one go. He's married, and you are too pretty to waste your time on someone who isn't interested. I'm not trying to upset you. I just think your attention would be better placed on a more willing and available object.

candy said...

I'm not in love with Dr Brian Cox. I just like to look at him, silly. He's hot!

I spend a lot of time reading Wikipedia for school. I couldn't help but look to see if he had a page.

Hey, there's only so much Network Security and Wireless Communications I can focus on in one day. If it's not school, then it is work.

I need something to bring me back to reality once in a while. I suppose I could watch an Adam Sandler or Johnnie Depp movie. ;)

Pradeep Kumar said...

hi dear !
hope u will be fine . no news of you since long time . where r u ? are you too busy to scrap or chat ? have u stop writing here ?
I have posted some of my writing but it is in HINDI . can you read HINDI ?


tjake13 said...

Is your condo for sale?
Got you from a Xango site.
Have you tried it, and do you thnk it works?
Is the physicist playing with any collider toys?
Just joking, about the waste of money in colliders.