Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why do Black people think White people hate them?

I don't hate. I could care less about race. I now have a roommate from the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, Africa. He's Black. I live in a predominantly White neighborhood, Roselle, IL. I live in a place called Trails Village, which is a condominium community. There are parking restrictions for those who have a Roselle Sticker and those who are guests.

I emailed Ivorian the restrictions shortly after he moved into my condo. He ignored them due to the cost and "took his chances" for parking privileges. Oddly, my Indian roommates, who are dark in color were given the same email warning. The Indian roommates have never had a problem with parking. However, after a month, Ivorian gets a sticker "warning" that his car will be towed.

I believe the notice came because his car is SO UGLY it sticks out. He thinks he is the target of racism. I'm sorry, but his car is REALLY UGLY with dents and different paint marks. I'm embarrassed to have it parked in front of my garage, which is one of the reasons I asked him to park in the guest parking areas. The Association has been "stalking" his car and taking photos for over a month. LOL

After Ivorian got the "Orange Sticker Warning" for tow, he thinks the Association is targeting him because he is Black. I find this extremely funny. No one cares if he is Black.

Why do Black people think White people hate them? I just don't get it. I could get it, if we were back in the 1950's. I get that my folks were prejudice. I get that America was racist at one time. I get it. Let's get over it, though. We are in a new era approaching 2010. If the "White" people can move on, then why can't the Black people keep up with the pace?

I just don't get the mentality of continued self segregation by the Black people; different beauty contests, different college bonuses, etc. The White people are cool with everything going on around them, especially with the color of folks. Thinks about it, the 2000 US Census states 77.1% of Americans are White. Do you really think a Country who is racist would elect a Black President?

Please help me educate others that racism and/or prejudices are literally extinct in the US. Who is responsible for the continued hate? I have some ideas, but you probably won't like the answers.


beak said...

way to go O.p. bet you havn't heard that one in awhile


Anonymous said...

social engineers.
have to create discomfort else no change. So they sell the idea.

Sulema Sanchez said...

Just stumbled across this site and BOY ARE YOU WRONG! I had a totally clean as a whistle driving record before I moved out to Roselle. Mind you, I am half white and also black and hispanic. I am NOT one to call racism because I hate when people do that crap, it irritates me. BUT the Roselle police have literally targeted me, towed my car for no reason out of my own driveway, cost me $500 to get it back and just tonight slammed my head onto the police car door- why? Because they SAID I ran a stop sign which I didn't even travel to an INTERSECTION much less go PAST a stop sign! And its not like I was resisting them or anything- they acted like slamming my head into the door was an accident, yet they did it TWICE with smirks on their faces!! Nobody can tell me that god forsaken place isn't racist. You're not living in reality if you deny that racism exists and is alive and well. You need a reality check!

Candygram said...

Sulema Sanchez,

Are you suggesting that the Roselle Police Department, who recently let go of 2 officers due to budget constraints, targeted a “black” man who worked downtown from 11A-11P? He’d work out before returning home, so let’s give him 2 more hours returning at 1A. The normal drive around for ticketing is just after 10P and again before 6A.

My theory is that the police never saw him. With your theory, the police officers would have to do a stake out on a daily basis just to catch him parking illegally. Do you really think they would do this? I don’t think so.

His problem is that he didn’t get a Roselle sticker for parking. He kept parking in the “overflow” area for residents or visitors. His numerous abuses of parking privileges without a Roselle sticker were his culprit. The police noticed a pattern for his car. I told him to get a sticker or park behind my garage. He chose to do neither.

My other roommates, who are dark in color from India, don’t seem to have this problem. They understand to move their cars accordingly due to the parking restrictions. Some confuse their looks with Latinos or Africans (based on the area of India they are from), so again, your theory is wrong. In fact, one roommate recently purchased a Roselle sticker. They are living here, rather it be short or long term.

I don’t know about your arrests. I’d have to see what you are talking about. In my experience with this roommate, he brought the attention onto himself.