Monday, April 27, 2009


"NEW YORK (CNN) -- A White House official apologized Monday after a low-flying Boeing 747 spotted above the Manhattan skyline frightened workers and residents into evacuating buildings."

I can only imagine what others felt in NYC today. I worked for United Airlines on that dreaded day back on 9/11/2001. It took me two + years to get over the trauma. I know what they are feeling.

Andy Studdert, former bigwig at UAL, had the WHQ building in Elk Grove Village, IL evacuated due to a fire alarm once the air grounding was lifted. The employees were standing outside in the parking lot.

The first airplane to leave O'Hare was a United flight. Mr. Studdert had the plane fly super low over HDQ. The employees were freaked out; me included!

I met Andy Studdert shortly afterwards at the OPB (Operational Base department) where the really cool stuff happens at United. I told him how much it scared people. His response was simply, "Really, I thought employees would be excited about United flying again." His gesture was noteworthy but most likely never ever appropriate.

Neither Mr. Studdert nor myself are with the company any longer. His departure was shortly after his faux paux. Mine was October 2006 by choice.


Anonymous said...

hey !! why have you stopped blogging ? ..write some stories honey !!

Candygram said...

I will one of these days. I've been super busy lately with work and "boyfriends". :)